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Scheduling your nose job in Austin, TX with Dr. Haydon and his expert team will enhance your facial harmony and create a more proportionate appearance. Nose reshaping can also be advantageous to those who suffer from impaired breathing caused by structural defects.

When To Consider Rhinoplasty

It’s important to understand what rhinoplasty can treat when you schedule your consultation with Dr. Haydon. A nose reshaping surgery can alter your nose size in relation to your face, adjust your nose width at the bridge or change the position and size of your nostrils. Rhinoplasty with Dr. Haydon will also address visible humps or depressions on the bridge, nasal asymmetry, and aesthetic challenges to the nasal tip. For those patients with a prominent hump on their nose, the position of the chin is also analyzed. Many patients will also select a chin implant procedure to keep everything in balance. Lowering the dorsal hump can, in these patients, make a slightly recessed chin look even more deficient.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

Following your rhinoplasty procedure, you may have a splint placed inside your nose to stabilize the changes. You’ll also possibly have an external splint on the outside of your nose. These dressings will be removed after one week, along with small sutures at the base of the nose.

Swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes is normal during the healing process. Dr. Haydon and his team at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute & Skin Care Clinic will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your face while healing. You’ll begin to see results of your surgery within a week, but initial swelling may take two the three weeks to further subside.

Following rhinoplasty, you may notice gradual changes in the appearance of your nose. This is expected as it can take up to a year for your new nasal contour to fully refine. During his post-surgery visit, Dr. Haydon will explain how to care for your nose, medications needed to prevent infection, signs of concern at the surgical site, and when to return for the follow-up visit.

“Dr. Wilder and his team … was beyond professional and enjoyable”

5 5 Star Rating Written on January 13, 2019

Dr. Fred Wilder is hands down one of the best plastic surgeons around. I am not one to regularly write reviews online, however my experience with Dr. Wilder and his team — from beginning to end — was beyond professional and enjoyable that I had to share.

I broke my nose about 4 years ago and was never satisfied with how it healed. I was looking to get a rhinoplasty to fix the imperfections while keeping my nose looking as natural as possible. After the first consultation with Dr. Wilder I was confident in his abilities to do just that and I booked my surgery immediately!

Both him and his staff are extremely thorough; they ensure that you have every question answered (even the ones you didn’t know to ask), understand every step of the process from pre-op to a year post-op, and that you are comfortable and excited about investing in yourself. On top of that, they are all so kind — I honestly felt happier every time I left an appointment.

The facilities from his office to his surgical center (attached to his office) are inviting, comfortable, clean and truly make you feel that you are in a safe place. Although I knew I made the right decision choosing Dr. Wilder, my feelings were validated when 2 weeks post-surgery NO ONE could tell that I got anything done! When I would tell people about the surgery they were shocked by how natural it looked (I still look like me – just better!!) and how minimal swelling was. As time went on, the swelling continued to decrease and I’ve only become more pleased with my results…it just keeps getting better and better with time!

If I ever decide to pursue other types of plastic surgery, I’m not going anywhere else but to Dr. Wilder. Even my grandma, who lives in NYC, (she helped me with my recovery) after her brief interaction and experience with Dr. Wilder, scheduled an appointment for a face lift!

I truly recommend him and his team without hesitation.


Rhinoplasty Results

The results of your nose reshaping surgery are permanent. Slight swelling can persist for weeks after the procedure, so allow adequate time to see complete results. As with any plastic surgery, age, weight gain or loss, and other factors can affect the results of the procedure. You may notice small changes to your nose as you age, but for most patients, the changes are long-lasting.

Dr. Haydon can explain how a nose job can transform your appearance, especially your profile. If you’re ready for a more balanced appearance or want to breathe easier, rhinoplasty with Dr. Haydon may be the solution you need. Book your consultation today to learn about the benefits.

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