Lip enhancement procedures

The path to developing fuller lips used to be limited to injections, but the lip lift is making it possible to benefit from a more permanent and consistent enhancement. As we age, the lip can lengthen quite a bit, covering the front teeth and making us look older. With Dr. Scott Haydon, there are a range of options for enhancing and rejuvenating the lips for a fuller, more youthful appearance.

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What is a lip lift?

Women of all ages ask Dr. Haydon to perform the procedure to lift the vermilion border (edges of the lips), which gives the lips an enhanced appearance and defines the Cupid’s bow. It is usually done in conjunction with some fat grafting to help provide volume and fullness to the lip itself.

Dr. Haydon and his skilled medical team can perform a lip lift in less than an hour. To complete the procedure, a small strip of skin is removed from just below the nostrils. When the incision is closed, the upper lip is lifted for a fuller appearance, and the scar is hidden within the nostrils.

Because a lip lift is so long-lasting it can almost be considered a permanent result, many patients opt for a lip lift to avoid the constant need for injections to maintain the look.

I had my first lip injections with Lauren Riley. It has been over a month now and I am still so happy with the results! She is very thorough, professional and has great bedside manner. The injections were painless with her great technique. I would highly recommend and am already planning on going back for more procedures!! 

Jennifer Masters

Lip injections

Lip fat grafting is one of the most common injection-style enhancements. Dr. Haydon will explain the lip augmentation process during your cosmetic surgery consultation. In most cases, fat is removed with a small syringe and cannula from the abdomen area, properly cleaned, and then reinjected into the lips to create a plump, healthy look. Fat grafting for the lips takes about 30 minutes and is preferred by many patients as it uses your body’s own tissue and presents a lower likelihood of complications. The results of a lip augmentation completed through a fat transfer last up to five years. When you’re ready to enhance your lips, the treatment style you use is completely up to you. Dr. Haydon can help you make the best decision after understanding your goals and how you want to look post-treatment.

Lip implants

Another more permanent option to enhance your lips is with implants. Similar to breast implants, lip implants can help shape the entire lip. To perform a lip implant surgery in the Austin, TX office, Dr. Haydon will create a small incision at the corners of your mouth. A specialized tool is used to create a tiny tunnel through the lip. The implant is inserted under the skin and above the muscle, and it is not visible. One or two absorbable sutures are used to close each incision. The entire procedure can take as little as half an hour and offers immediate results that generally last indefinitely. Dr. Haydon will help you determine the size of the implant you should use based on the look you want to achieve.

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