Timeless Confidence Reinvented with the Internal Bra

The Internal Bra technique offers several benefits, including improved longevity of results, reduced risk of implant sagging, enhanced breast shape and contour, and increased patient satisfaction.

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Finding Your Perfect Fit: Who is a Good Candidate?

Good candidates for the internal bra are individuals who desire long-lasting breast support and lift. This technique is suitable for patients undergoing breast augmentation or breast lift procedures, particularly those with concerns of sagging or who want to maintain a lifted appearance over time.

Candidates may have experienced breast ptosis, or drooping, due to factors such as pregnancy, weight loss, or natural aging and seek a solution to achieve enhanced breast contour and longevity of results.

Ideal candidates for the Internal Bra technique are in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the procedure. They should have adequate breast tissue to support the placement of the internal supportive material and be committed to following post-operative care instructions. During a consultation, Dr. Haydon evaluates each patient's unique anatomical considerations and aesthetic goals to determine if the Internal Bra technique is suitable for them. With his expertise and personalized approach, he ensures that candidates for the Internal Bra technique can achieve their desired breast lift and support, resulting in natural-looking and long-lasting results.

Mastering the Art of the Internal Bra: Dr. Haydon's Expertise and Lasting Results

Dr. Haydon's expertise and meticulous approach to the internal bra technique ensure optimal outcomes for his patients. He carefully evaluates each patient's unique anatomy and aesthetic goals to determine the most appropriate placement and customization of the internal supportive material. With his artistic eye and surgical precision, Dr. Haydon creates natural-looking and long-lasting results, giving patients the confidence of a lifted and youthful breast appearance for many years to come. The internal bra using DuraSorb offers a groundbreaking solution for patients seeking enhanced breast support and longevity, allowing them to enjoy beautiful and well-supported results for years down the line.

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Choosing Dr. Haydon for Your Internal Bra Procedure

There are many compelling reasons for choosing Dr. Scott Haydon and DuraSorb for your internal bra procedure. First and foremost, Dr. Haydon is a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon with a deep understanding of breast enhancement surgery. His expertise in utilizing DuraSorb, a bioresorbable material, for the internal bra ensures optimal results and long-term breast support.

Dr. Haydon's meticulous approach and commitment to patient satisfaction make him an excellent choice for the internal bra procedure. He takes the time to carefully evaluate each patient's unique needs and goals, ensuring that the internal bra technique is customized to their specific anatomy and desired outcomes. Dr. Haydon's artistic eye and surgical precision enable him to create natural-looking and beautifully lifted breasts, providing patients with enhanced shape, support, and longevity. With Dr. Haydon's expertise and the use of DuraSorb, patients can trust in his ability to deliver outstanding results and achieve their desired breast aesthetics.

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