Fat transfer procedure

When you desire a natural fullness in different areas of your body, fat transfer with Dr. Scott Haydon and the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute & Skin Care Clinic team can deliver the results you want. Fat transfer plastic surgery is often used to treat diminished elasticity and restore the fullness our skin loses as we age. Patients who experience loss of volume in the face, breasts or buttocks often opt for this procedure for long-lasting beautiful results.

What is fat transfer?

Age causes our skin to lose elastin fibers and collagen, resulting in a sagging, dull appearance. When wrinkles and a loss of volume cause you to look older than you feel, it’s time to consider fat transfer as a safe cosmetic solution. Fat transfer differs from implants and is often considered a safer procedure as the body is more apt to accept its own tissue compared to a foreign implant.

The fat transfer process takes fat tissue from an area of your body where you would like to see slimming, like your waist or thighs, and is then used to augment areas that lack volume. The fat is removed through a liposuction process and is properly purified before being injected into the desired area. Some of the most popular fat transfer requests are for the face, breasts, and buttocks. The added volume restores your youthful, invigorated skin and your confidence. Many patients also see an improvement in their skin quality and texture.

A consultation with Dr. Haydon will reveal if a fat transfer procedure will deliver the results you want. The treatment does give a different appearance than implants. Many patients prefer the fat transfer procedure as it delivers a more natural look while creating a slimmer appearance from the area where fat is harvested.

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Fat transfer recovery

The fat transfer process will cause some bruising and swelling, specifically in the areas where the fat was taken. Most patients see the discoloration and inflammation subside within one week. In most cases, you can return to work within one to two weeks. Dr. Haydon will monitor your healing progression and determine when you can completely return to normal activities.

Fat transfer results can be seen immediately, but the final effects could take a year to produce. It is possible that some initial volume will be lost as the body can absorb the fat tissue. Most patients retain up to 80 percent of the original volume in the face.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Haydon today to discover how fat transfer can help you create the contoured physique you desire.

Love, love love Dr. Haydon! Bed side manners were top notch, very thorough throughout the entire process. Very personal attention post op, and treats you like a human not a number. I saw two other docs before and hands down he was the go to guy!

Christie Oates

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