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Neck Lift Surgery In Austin, Texas

When you notice the skin along your jawline beginning to sag or excessive skin gathering in the center of your neck, you may turn to a neck lift to reverse the signs of aging. Dr. Scott Haydon and his highly skilled medical staff love performing neck lifts to restore the vitality and youthfulness once present in the jawline and neck area.

A neck lift can be completed as a standalone procedure or as part of a rejuvenation of the face with a face lift or eyelid surgery. A consultation with Dr. Haydon will reveal the best-fit procedures to help achieve the look you desire.

How Is A Neck Lift Performed?

A neck lift might utilize liposuction to remove some of the fat excess. Dr. Haydon makes a small incision under the chin and behind each ear. Specific equipment is used to suction the fat from the jaw and neck area. In some cases, removing the fat tissue creates a defined neck and no further treatment is needed. When liposuction alone doesn’t create the final desired look, Dr. Haydon may partner the procedure with skin tightening treatments. Excess skin may be trimmed and lifted into place to reveal a taut, toned neck and jawline. This can often be done through incisions that are hidden around the ear lobe and behind the ear.

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What is an extended neck lift?

Some patients don’t necessarily want a full face lift, but they have too much skin excess and platysmal bands in their neck to simply do liposuction. Using inconspicuous incisions around the ear and along the hairline, both the muscle and skin can be tightened. No incision under the chin is necessary in the majority of cases. Fat grafting to the face is often done in conjunction to help restore volume to areas that have deflated.

Cosmetic surgeries most commonly partnered with a neck lift include a face lift, brow lift, fat transfer, lip augmentation, or eyelid surgery. The procedures can be performed all at once with only one recovery and only having to have one anesthetic and will deliver the facial results you want.

“Highest marks to Dr. Wilder and his wonderful staff!”

5 5 Star Rating Written on August 9, 2018

Dr. Wilder and his staff are the best. I was very nervous going into surgery. Dr Wilder and his staff helped me through it with patience, professionalism and a good deal of empathy. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of my surgery or my choice of a surgeon. Highest marks to Dr. Wilder and his wonderful staff!


Neck Lift Recovery

Dr. Haydon will consult with you regarding your specific healing and treatment plan, but recovery from a neck lift usually takes 1-2 weeks. You may experience bruising and swelling in the neck area and the presence of small incisions may exist immediately following surgery.

Lymphatic massage is very helpful to expedite how quickly the swelling dissipates. This can be done in the first week following the surgery.

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