Facial Fat Grafting

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Facial Fat Grafting

Age and gravity can gradually cause you to lose volume and shape in your face. The youthful fullness we carry in our cheeks, lips, and around our mouth and eyes begins to fade as the years pass. Dr. Scott Haydon and the medical experts at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute & Skin Care Clinic can restore the plump skin and glow you enjoyed in your youth. A facial fat grafting procedure involves carefully removing fat tissue from your own body and injecting it into the desired area.

The fat used to replenish the lost volume is harvested from your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or elsewhere. The tissue is used to fill in features of your face that have lost volume. The most common areas of concern include sunken cheeks and eye area, laugh lines, crow’s feet, and lips. Facial fat grafting fills in the lines, wrinkles, and scars to create a fuller appearance.

Benefits Of Facial Fat Grafting

Fat grafting often offers patients a more natural look and feel compared to other injectables or implants. It is the gold standard since it is replacing the lost volume with the very substance that was once there. Once the procedure is complete, the results are long-lasting. While other injectables must be repeated every few months, fat will last for many years. In addition, your body is very accepting of the fat tissue as it’s normal tissue from your own body compared to synthetic injectables. It’s normal for the body to absorb some of the fat tissue, so the initial fullness will diminish slightly following the initial recovery time.

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Facial Fat Grafting Recovery

For many patients, normal activity can resume the same day as the facial fat grafting procedure. If a higher volume of fat tissue is transferred, a brief recovery period may be necessary. The procedure causes slight swelling, redness, or bruising in the area where the fat tissue was harvested from and where it is injected. If a large area is filled with fat tissue, the puffiness and swelling may last several weeks. Dr. Haydon can help prepare you for the procedure by explaining your treatment plan and answering any questions.

If you’re considering a facial fat grafting procedure, book your consultation with Dr. Haydon to get a better understanding of how the treatment works and how it can improve your appearance.

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