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There are a number of reasons a woman may want to change the results of a breast augmentation completed years ago. While the vast majority of women who have an augmentation performed are pleased with the outcome, life changes may persuade others to have a breast revision procedure. When you want to change the surgical results of a prior breast implant procedure, Dr. Haydon and the experienced staff at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute & Skin Care Clinic will perform a successful augmentation and deliver the lasting results you want. Dr. Haydon is the best doctor to improve the results from previous breast augmentations because he has over 20 years of plastic surgery experience!

Reasons For Breast Revision

Women may desire a change to their initial breast implant surgery for several reasons, including: While a ruptured or deflated implant is rare, most women want the issue treated immediately. When a saline implant ruptures, it is physically obvious, although unharmful in most cases. The body will absorb the sterile saline. If a silicone gel implant tears, the implant will keep its shape, requiring an MRI to determine if the implant ruptured.

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Benefits Of Breast Revision

The benefits of breast revision include the reduction in uncomfortable physical symptoms that can occur with contracture, as well as modifying incorrect positioning, wrinkling, or folding of the original implants. In some cases, the patient simply doesn’t like the outcome. It’s possible to have the implant removed entirely or work with Dr. Haydon to choose a better fit implant for your current needs. It is not uncommon for women to want smaller implants to replace their original implants, because the overall breast size normally increases as women age. In some cases, the original implants were simply too large for their frame and the breast gets very stretched out, resulting in asymmetry and implant malposition. In many cases, a lift can be done at the same time. Whatever the reason, Dr. Haydon takes care of many women who had surgery elsewhere and are simply unhappy with their results. Dr. Haydon will perform a thorough examination of your current implants and then explain how he can make the changes you desire to restore the enhanced, natural look you want. Through the use of Vectra 3D imaging, Dr. Haydon and his staff can create an ultra-high-resolution 3D image in some cases that will show the desired breast size and contour on your frame. Hopefully, you don’t have to go blindly into the breast revision surgery. You will know what to expect before the procedure takes place.

“I am very pleased beyond words by the results”

5 5 Star Rating Written onJanuary 4, 2018 I had breast reduction surgery 6 weeks ago, from DDD to C performed by Dr. M. Scott Haydon. I am very pleased beyond words by the results. Dr. Haydon, MD is a highly skilled plastic surgeon. My breasts are evenly shaped, the nipples are appropriately placed and the incisions are healing nicely. The pain in my neck and back have subsided and I’m feeling lighter, happier and have an overall feeling of well-being. The entire experience from the initial consultation to my 6 week post-operative visit has been pleasant. Dr. Haydon’s nurse Wanda is really awesome! She is caring and very informative about the procedure and post-operative care. The office staff have always been pleasant and take the time to answer my questions and remember my name. I would highly recommend this practice for any of your plastic surgery or other cosmetic needs.  

by Dr Linda Van Winkle

Breast revision must be tailored specifically to your goals and desires. Dr. Haydon is highly skilled in recognizing potential risks in breast revision surgeries and takes the time to walk you through each step of the process. He will listen to your goals and desires and will create a custom surgical plan to address your issues and ensure you are pleased with the results.  

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