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We want every woman to have the breast shape and size that she desires. For women with drooping of the breasts, Dr. Haydon can restore the youthfulness and shape to sagging breasts with a breast lift (AKA mastopexy). This procedure carefully removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue, giving the breast a perky appearance. A breast lift aims to reshape and support the new breast contour. It can be done by adding an absorbable mesh to provide an internal bra in those who need additional support. When the mastopexy is done, there are two types of closure patterns: the short scar (lollipop) or the Wise pattern/Anchor closure. Dr. Haydon prefers the lollipop closure except in those women with much larger breasts. The shorter scar pattern has quicker healing and often gives the most ideal shape, but it can’t be used in every patient.

Benefits Of Breast Lift

A breast lift procedure has several benefits, including: A breast lift is the ideal procedure when you want your breasts to sit higher on your chest, have a perkier look, and not sag. For women who experience sagging, your breasts can feel deflated and elongated. Dr. Haydon will perform the breast lift to provide the support needed to maintain a firmer appearance. It might be optimal to add either fat or an implant to enhance the overall shape if there is not enough breast tissue to do so on its own. The shape and feel of breasts can change over time. A breast lift will restore your contoured figure and create a lifted breast profile. Dr. Haydon will walk through the entire process with you, giving you the opportunity to view photos from his previous patients so you know what to expect prior to your own procedure. During the consultation with Dr. Haydon and the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute & Skin Care Clinic team, you will discuss the breast size and shape you desire. Dr. Haydon will introduce possible surgical techniques to reach that goal. Your body frame, height, and other features will be considered to ensure the breast lift is proportionate and natural-looking. Scarring from a breast lift is minimal, and Dr. Haydon is an expert in performing incisions in natural curves and contours of the breast to make scarring nearly invisible in some cases.

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Why Choose A Breast Lift?

A breast lift is ideal for a woman who has experienced changes in the shape and firmness of her breasts post-pregnancy. In most cases, the nipple position is lower than the crease of the breast. A breast lift (mastopexy) can be performed as part of a Mommy Makeover or as a stand-alone procedure. Other reasons you may want a breast lift include weight fluctuation. For someone who has lost a significant amount of weight, the volume of the breasts can dissipate. A breast lift performed by one of Austin’s best plastic surgeons can remove the extra skin, redistribute the breast gland to enhance the shape, and allow you to show off your new, slimmer figure. Age and heredity also play a significant role in how your breasts change over time. While some women simply have droopy breasts, others experience this with age. A breast lift in many women will restore your look and your confidence.

“I can’t be more satisfied with the outcome”

5 5 Star Rating Written onMay 21, 2019 Dr. Haydon performed my breast augmentation, and a breast lift. I can’t be more satisfied with the outcome; he oriented me about my ideal size according to my body type, and also explained step by step how the procedure was going to be. He takes his time with you , and answer all your questions. He’s a very kind and humble person, and those a great qualities when you’re planning to get a plastic surgery. The staff is great; very professional people. Overall, I’m completely satisfied with the experience.  

by Zilkia Perez-Rosa

Dr. Haydon’s team will listen to your concerns and desired outcome to help you decide if a breast lift is the right procedure. While a lift won’t increase the size, it will give an enhanced look. For those wanting to lift and enlarge, Dr. Haydon can perform a breast lift and augmentation in the same procedure. The end result will give you larger and more lifted breasts.  

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