Breast Augmentation with Lift

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The breast augmentation with lift offers comprehensive breast enhancement. This combination of a breast lift (mastopexy) and a breast augmentation with implants is done for women who have a low nipple position and want fuller and more youthful-looking breasts. Acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Haydon regularly performs the breast augmentation with lift in Austin.

Why Women Want It

Due to aging, childbirth, breastfeeding, or dramatic weight changes, a woman’s breasts may droop and lose volume, and her nipples may begin facing downwards. If the nipple position is lower than the crease on the lateral view, a breast lift is likely indicated. This droop can cause women to feel unhappy with their appearance and to experience body issues and self-consciousness.

These women may want to restore their breast volume and projection while also reducing breast sag and restoring perkiness. A breast augmentation with lift achieves all of these goals simultaneously.

The Benefits of a Breast Augmentation with Lift

A breast augmentation with lift (also known as augmentation mastopexy or a breast lift with implants) is complex, but the results are very rewarding. Getting a mastopexy with a breast augmentation ensures that a patient gets the most out of their surgery.

This combination procedure positions aspects of the breasts to better align with the enhancement. The nipples are repositioned so that they don’t droop, and the areolae attain a better appearance. Perkier and rounder breast contours are achieved.

The augmentation is performed as the first part of the procedure, followed by the lift. As soon as the augmentation is done the patient can be sat up. At this point, Dr. Haydon has a better idea of the overall new look and shape of the breast. As a result, the lift and nipple repositioning can be confirmed. This allows the mastopexy to be performed in a way that is even more precise and effective.

How Augmentation Mastopexy Is Performed

The entire surgical session will take around an hour and a half on average depending on the details of the case. A general anesthetic will be given to the patient before the procedure.

First, the incision for the augmentation is made in either the inframammary fold/crease or vertically below the 6 o’clock position of the areola. This allows adequate exposure to place the implant and, in some patients, to remove skin excess. Pockets are made under the breast tissue and under the pectoralis muscle, and then the implants are placed. Typically, implants are positioned under the pectoral muscle of the chest. After the implant position is confirmed, an incision is created around the areola, and a vertical incision is made down to meet the breast crease. The exact incision pattern may vary depending on the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals.

The best breast implants for you will depend on many factors, including your body’s dimensions and your goals for look and feel. It is important not to choose too large an implant as that will stress the lift portion and increase the need for revision surgery. Silicone implants are used because they have a more natural look and feel. In addition, there is less risk of capsular contracture and they don’t deflate. The newest silicone gel implants are a cohesive gel like a gummy bear with a soft feel. They provide a very pretty shape and do not allow upper pole collapse seen in older style implants.

Excess skin can be removed if necessary to achieve the lift aspect of the procedure. The remaining skin is tightened, and the areolae are repositioned and/or resized as needed. Finally, the incisions are closed using dissolving stitches. The closure is then sealed with a skin glue called Dermabond that protects the skin for several weeks.

After the Surgery

After the procedure, patients must closely follow the post-surgical care directions of Dr. Haydon. Because both procedures are performed during a single surgical session, only a single recovery period and only one anesthetic is required. Patients can resume normal activities in a few weeks. Results are dynamic and attractive.

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