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What is a Mommy Makeover?

Your body is an amazing vessel that has created, carried, and nurtured your child. Natural results of the drastic changes your body makes throughout pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding may include excess skin, deflated or asymmetrical breasts, unwanted fat tissue, and the prominent appearance of stretch marks. After putting the care of others first, you deserve to restore your body to its pre-baby look you once had. Dr. Scott Haydon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Austin, Texas who specializes in mommy makeover plastic surgery procedures. Even if you haven’t had children, a mommy makeover may encompass the surgical procedures you desire to revitalize and restore your body.

Benefits of Mommy Makeover Surgery in Austin, Texas

Dr. Haydon has been performing complex, life changing surgical procedures on the breast, body, and face since 2002 in Austin. He has helped patients achieve beautiful results through liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, arm and butt lifts, and many other treatments. The reason patients consistently request a mommy makeover from this top plastic surgeon in Austin, TX, is because each experience is customized to include the specific procedures that are best suited for the patient. When you schedule your consultation for a mommy makeover with Dr. Haydon and the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute & Skin Care Clinic team, the entire experience is tailored to your needs. From your initial consultation, you meet directly with Dr. Haydon to discuss your goals and desired results. Dr. Haydon will thoroughly answer any questions you have and explain in detail the best procedures available to achieve the appearance you want. The mommy makeover procedure will include surgery on multiple areas of the body. While the healing process may be longer, typically two to four weeks based on the treatments you select, the benefit is you only go through one recovery and one anesthetic. At the end of the healing period, your new look is complete and you don’t have to undergo multiple surgeries to improve your overall look.

What Results Can I Expect?

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A Patient’s Mommy Makeover Story

Common Mommy Makeover Procedures

No mommy makeover performed in Dr. Haydon’s office is standard. Each patient receives the utmost care and attention to create a personalized experience. You’ll work with the caring team at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute & Skin Care Clinic to compile the procedures you wish to include in your surgical makeover. Choose from breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian buttlift, and more.

Breast Augmentation

If breastfeeding has stolen the shape and lift from your breasts, an augmentation can restore the fullness you experienced prior to childbirth. Breast augmentation with Dr. Haydon is a customized process where you choose the size and profile of your new look. Whether you want a small enhancement through a fat transfer or want to completely reshape your breasts with gel silicone implants, Dr. Haydon will give you a natural look that is proportionate to your body frame.

Breast Lift

When droopiness occurs in the breasts, a breast lift will help restore the original placement and shape. Dr. Haydon will tighten the skin and conceal the incision within the natural contour of the breast to ensure scaring is near invisible. The goal of this procedure is to eliminate vertically long breasts and restore the round, natural shape. In most cases, Dr. Haydon deploys a lollipop or anchor lift depending on the individual to correct the breasts’ shape. The result gives you lifted, fuller and perkier breasts.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most common requests from women post pregnancy or following major weight loss. Pregnancy stretches the abdomen – both the internal muscles and the external skin. The skin and abdominal wall rarely return to their original state, leaving the patient with excess skin and abdominal wall laxity. Dr. Haydon is one of Austin’s top plastic surgeons for tummy tuck procedures that result in contoured, flat abdomens for each patient. But the procedure goes beyond removing excess skin and creating a flat midsection. Dr. Haydon will customize your tummy tuck to improve your waist to hip ratio, giving you a defined figure.

“His resources and methods were beyond impressive”

5 5 Star Rating Written onFebruary 2020 Dr. Haydon and his team surpassed all of my expectations throughout the entire process of my mommy makeover! His resources and methods were beyond impressive and premier. I fully knew what to expect before my procedure, and the results were exactly as we had anticipated!! I went into my consultation very nervous and almost embarrassed to seek surgery to help restore my body after weight loss and baring children. Dr. Haydon empowered me and instilled confidence that my efforts from hard work in both my diet and exercise would finally be honored through the results of my mommy makeover, and he has absolutely been right! My results only get more enhanced as I continue to live out my desired healthy and strong lifestyle! I am so incredibly thankful for every ounce of care, compassion, and quality Dr. Haydon and his team bestowed on me.  

by Alissa Cornic


Liposuction is performed to remove excess fat around the waist, thighs, sides, and back and is the 2nd most commonly performed procedure in plastic surgery. Dr. Haydon uses the state of the art PALS (Power Assisted Liposuction) system and practices SAFE lipo to sculpt each area and maximize the amount of fat removed and minimize any postoperative irregularities. Liposuction is commonly selected in partnership with a tummy tuck to create a lean core and slim waist. Dr. Haydon typically performs this procedure on patients who wish to slim their waist by several inches. The fat tissue removed during liposuction can be used as a fat transfer to enhance the buttocks, breasts or hips.

Brazilian Buttlift

Reshape and enhance your buttock with a Brazilian buttlift by Dr. Haydon. The most common buttock enhancement method is with a fat transfer from another part of the body. For liposuction patients, a Brazilian buttlift is ideal, as the fat tissue can be injected into the buttock area between the skin and the muscle. This procedure can provide more projection as well as fill in the “hip dips”.  

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