24 Hour Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Posted on: January 26th, 2015
By: Naomi Marquez

How excited would you be if you could have breast augmentation and recover in only 24 hours? With this technique you can have surgery in the morning and go to a movie or out to dinner that night. You can even drive the next day. All of this can happen because we are able to manage your pain without harsh narcotics.

How is this possible?

24-hour recovery is an expectation we have for all of our breast augmentation patients. Here’s how it works.

Prior to Surgery: Reasonable expectations and a Positive Outlook

Patients should have appropriate expectations and a positive outlook about surgery. It may seem silly, but if you convince yourself that the surgery will be painful and that you will need strong pain medicine, then that is the experience you will have. I want my patients to be excited about the results of their treatment, not worried that they will experience a lot of pain. I encourage my patients to think about getting back to their lives as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

During Surgery: Optimized Pocket Creation Techniques

It is my job during the procedure to create as little trauma as possible. I do this by carefully creating the pocket and minimizing stretching of the muscle. All vessels are cauterized and bleeding is kept to a minimum. Finally we try not to traumatize the covering of the ribs. Implant sizes are chosen that properly fit the pocket and do not put undo stretch on the newly created space. Minimizing trauma and anesthetic time is a key ingredient to insuring a 24hr recovery.

After Surgery: Recovery Management

The final phase of a 24-hour breast augmentation recovery involves postoperative management after surgery.  If you take a narcotic such as Vicodin or Percocet after surgery, you will go home and fall asleep. When you wake up you will feel tight and feel like you need to take more. This will put you into a cycle of sleeping and taking pain medication. The result is that you will barely move the first few days after surgery.  As a result you will very sore and tight.  I don’t want this to happen to you. You can convince yourself that you are not going to need narcotics after surgery. Ibuprofen will be a strong enough pain medicine to overcome the small amount of soreness that results from surgery.

We will give you range of motion activities and exercise for the chest and arms that you can start the day of surgery to keep stiffness from setting in. These movements and the avoidance of narcotic pain medicine will prevent the uncomfortable side effects associated with these medicines. How nice will it be not to have nausea, itching or constipation?

Patients that come to my practice are in a position to recover from breast augmentation surgery in just 24 hours. You can shower the day of your surgery, be out of the house the evening of your surgery, and be back to work within a few days of surgery (or even the next day).  Out of town patients can see us the day after surgery and then travel or fly home that day.

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